1st Attempt: Yellow Chicken Curry

Yes, Yes, I know I need to create a ‘Test Kitchen’ tab/category in this blog, I’m just not savvy enough yet to have gotten there.

So please just bear (grrrrrr) with me until then.

Now, I was asked by a friend, Suki (@eatsukieat on twitter) after I posted the below pics on Twitter (@FuzzDogg66 or @TheHungryDogg), what my recipe was.

What she (and most) do not know is that I rarely have a recipe to go off of when I cook. If it’s something I haven’t actually made before, I usually look at a few recipes off a google search, take those and then mull them over whilst I meld them with what I’ve got bouncing around in my noggin and what I really want/hope it will be. I believe it’s a lot of a 70% know how and 30% fingers crossed, hail mary, seat of my pants creation (at best). I am always, ALWAYS surprised when any new dish comes out well.

Also, after a review of my food porn pics of the resultant dish by my friend Holly of TheEndlessSupper, she verbalized a ‘You should post those’…so how can I deny a seasoned professional? How, I ask, how? ;o)

Not many of my friends like Indian food, authentic or americanized, which leaves it up to me to seek out, pay for, and enjoy (tho mostly be disappointed by) the yellow chicken curry I’ve encountered from outside sources.

That said, I attempted a Yellow Chicken Curry, which I so dearly love and so rarely have.

An Asian/Thai-American or not so Asian/Thai American friend(s) of mine may have noted that Yellow Chicken Curry is not really ‘authentic’ by native standards but come hell or high water, screw’em. I love the stuff so…..

First off, here’s is a pic of the 1st attempt’s results:


I was VERY surprised that I actually pulled it off without much offense. Really, it was quite good. So much so I ended up having a second bowl of it for dinner.
If you didn’t know, it is customary to serve it over Basmati rice. Basmati is a nice, long grain and drier rice than most. There’s a very good reason why it’s customary, it damn tasty rice with no sticky/ickyness to speak of. I love how it actually enhances the dish, absorbs some of the curry sauce but lends a carbo-licious platform for the Yellow Chicken Curry to soar unhindered on your tongue yet grounds it on your tastebuds. It won’t let the curry dissapate down your gullet too soon.
Resultantly, I was afraid it was a little bit too salty for others, as I would get a ‘hit’ of salty saltness when it engaged my tongue, though it quickly dissipated as the curry ‘heat’ swooped (yes swooped, slowly building, as if far away, tho on a pre-determined path, until it was a large prominent flavor overtaking the lower half of my head)  in to replace and happily linger on my tongue.
I did detect an ever so slight & fainting bitter aftertaste, which I will have to figure out how to eliminate. Either I need a better quality curry powder starter/blend or I may have to add a small amount of sugar to do so. Any suggestions?????
So the random ingredients I haphazardly (truly) used were:
White Onions
Chicken Stock
Diced Chicken Breast
Diced Yukon Gold Potato
Heavy Cream
1 Can of Coconut Milk
Ground Cumin
Ground Coriander
Cayenne Pepper
Minced Garlic
Crushed Ginger
Crushed Lemon grass
3-5 tlbs of Trader Joe’s Curry Powder
2 Bay Leaves
Fresh Lime Juice
Sea Salt, Grey Salt & Kosher Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper
I may have forgotten a few or two or none.  
I am making it again today, so I will do my best to remember what/how I do it. I am horrible at writing this stuff down.
For me, cooking it a truly creative process. It’s a go as you go, paint how you paint, sing how you sing, truly create how you create, process.
Almost no forethought goes into it, you just FEEL and GO.
I’ll try to do better, as long as that is what YOU want, for me to write this stuff down, so you can go forth and create on your own, with an outline.
Also, let me know if you’d like a pic by pic documentation of the process and the staging of ingredients, like I’ve seen on other blogs. I’ll consider the HUGE extra effort involved in doing my ‘Test Kitchen’ results that way, but I totally understand, and am willing to go the ‘short term pain for long term gain’ that can be achieved by it :o)
I truly hoped you enjoyed this. 
PS- On the 2nd attempt, which came out even better, I added cinnamon and the experiment with trying to eliminate the slight bitter aftertaste worked, by adding just about a tablespoon or two of sugar. I need to make more, it was so good.

8 thoughts on “1st Attempt: Yellow Chicken Curry

  1. Just wanted to let everyone know, I had the great pleasure of trying the “Yellow Chicken Curry” and it was fantastic! The curry was just right, with a great kick at the end. The chicken was done perfectly. There was only one problem with it,……I only received one portion!!!

  2. And yet another reason why you are my FAVORITE person in the world, we totally cook the same. LOL, Love it and you and totally would love to try your curry someday, it sounds heavenly. Bill and I have just recently discovered the magic of Indian cuisine, seriously heavenly. When you come to Denver (someday, hopefully soon) we will totally go Indian restaurant hoping with you. 🙂

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