The 1st of Many Crazy-ness..ess…sss…HUH???

So here I am, posting the first (of hopefully many) crazy, nutjobby, off my rocker, strange and bizarre P.O.V. posts to this crazy, nutjobby, off the rocker, strange & bizarre forum of a blog (honestly? I was 100% against them 10yrs ago). 

It’s all sooooo bloody new to me (and you w/me) though I hope you’ll check back often. I’ll do my best to entertain, interest, expand & offend (yes! I said OFFEND!) your good disposition at all turns.

Please stick around for the fun &  joyous ride I am on..FUN, FOOD and PHILANDERING (w/food, you dirty minded scoundrels, w/food!) Oh, and probably a little (a lot) of my favorite musical finds, for good measure. Every food endeavor needs an accompanying soundtrack.

Snark-a-ly Yours,

Austin, TheHungryDogg! WOOF!