Just A Lime Truck Qwickee

I know the original cast (Chef Jason, CEO Daniel & brilliant sous chef Jesse) are busy with The Food Network’s second season taping of ‘The Great Food Truck Race’, heading to Atlanta for this Memorial Day weekend BUT I was able to leave work early this Saturday past & was excited to hit the Lime Truck and their ‘Stay At Home’ cast of Adam, Chef Mark & Keba because they have brilliantly retained Chef Jason’s food standard AND creativity.

Now this has got to be my favorite ‘boat’ so far of what Chef Mark has been

doing since Chef Jason left him in charge of the food on the truck by galloping off with

a new Lime Truck into the sunrise of The Great Food Truck Race.

The Crispy ‘Gorgonzilla’ & Spinach Gnocchi

These beautiful little pillows have a tenderly crisp, tasty outer shell that

surprises the teeth as you bite down and break into them.

As that surprise demands wonderment  & thought, you are then hit

with an amazingly mouth filling, tangy and creamy bright sourness that is

the gorgonzola cream sauce. It just barely coats the gnocchi pillows

and I would love to have demanded more but I couldn’t find my voice

as I was too overwhelmed by all the flavors and crispy tenderness of perfection filling the entire red & white plaid paper boat.

I loved it so much, this past experience, that I finger licked the boat clean.

If I could have tongue licked it with any sense of dignity, I would have, but I felt the

finger licking was the best alternative to my position standing out front (and to the left) of the truck.

That said, the other very delicious dish they were offering, that I partook of,  was

 the Gooey Lemon Chicken Sandwich.

The Gooey Lemon Chicken Sandwich
This was such a pretty sandwich..really, it was pretty.
I ended up saving it until I got home. I was planning on eating it for dinner
but as it was still warm (and gooey) after the 25 minute drive home,
I just couldn’t resist taking a cursory bite. Well that was the end of the ‘saving’
and on I went to devour the entire thing!
So good, SO good!
What I’m sayin’ here is, GO, give the ‘stay at home’ Lime Truck a
joyously hearty visit and you will not be disappointed in the least
at the quality and comparably great flavors & standards
Chef Mark, Keba and Adam are upholding to honour the
training from Chef Jason and Daniel while they chase their dream across this great
nation of Gourmet Food Truck eaters.

5 thoughts on “Just A Lime Truck Qwickee

  1. Well, thanks for the great descriptive writings! I believe I’m gonna have to tear up that Gooey Lemon Chicken Sandwich. Sounds like a great idea, see you on Wednesday “LIME TRUCK”!!

  2. It all looks so good and you describe the food so perfectly yummy, please mail me some I would love to partake of it. Especially the gnocchi.

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